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philipbjorge/bootcut 4

A bootstrapped version of Slim Framework complete with templating, ORM, Twitter Bootstrap.

philipbjorge/bioinformatics-presentation 3

Interactive Presentation for WWU's Bioinformatics Course (Spring 2012)

bion/superdelegation 1

bot and frontend for submitting comments to elected officials

MorganBorman/rayage 1

A simple web IDE for intro programming students.

philipbjorge/angular-validation-match 1

Checks if one input matches another. Useful for confirming passwords, emails, or anything.

philipbjorge/awesome-regex 1

A curated collection of awesome Regex libraries, tools, frameworks and software

philipbjorge/config 1

Personal Configuration

philipbjorge/cs140adagide 1

A super simple IDE for intro C++ classes.

philipbjorge/django-csv-admin 1

Django admin interface for validating and saving uploaded CSV files as form data.

issue closedbitrise-steplib/steps-resource-archive

Option to copy the unarchived directory's contents?

Hi, What do you think about adding an option to allow copying the unarchived folder's contents instead of the entire folder?

Use case:

  1. Download a zip file containing android licenses
  2. Extract the files to unarchived/
  3. Copy the license files into /opt/android-sdk-linux/licenses/

Right now, the step copies the unarchived folder and it seems silly to have to have an extra shell step to fix it.

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issue commenttilt-dev/tilt

probe never reaches or communicates error state

Our usecase has us running a number of local_resources -- It would be great to have some sort of probe that could shift the status to red rather than gray. For our purposes, we don't need any restart capability in here.


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issue commentjeansaad/chalet

.localhost domains do not work on Windows

@Spedwards @ProjectInfinity -- This issue resolved for me after switching to the .test TLD --


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issue commentIlanCosman/tide

doesn't load / update right away on fish 3.3.0

For anyone on Ubuntu: I believe you will have to compile from source as none of the 3.2 line of releases ended up in launchpad.


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