Philippe Hausler phausler San Francisco

numist/Diffing 26

A proposal for adding diffing functionality to the Swift standard library

phausler/SourceCodeKit 12

A revitalization of the Étoile project SourceCodeKit with adaptations to a more modern Mac OS X objc

phausler/Shinobi 6

A start to something wonderful (an IDE based on clang/llvm/ninja)

phausler/poetry 3

Nothing to see here, no code, just musings

phausler/Auspicion 1

Convenient LLVM compiler API for Objective-C.

lhoward/swift-corelibs-foundation 0

The Foundation Project, providing core utilities, internationalization, and OS independence

phausler/Apportable-StartApp-Sample 0

Apportable + StartApp Interstitial ads!

phausler/atom 0

The hackable editor

phausler/atom-shell 0

Cross-platform desktop application shell

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