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lexiross/fattest-cat 718

Script to find fattest cat currently up for adoption at SF SPCA

joeyyang/kohlsscavengerhunt 23

kohls scavenger hunt!

cainus/urlgrey 13

url manipulation

cainus/verity 12

assertions on http requests

cainus/detour 9

Node.js / Express.js Routing Re-imagined

cainus/mongoJsonSchema 8

This is a library for validating objects against a jsonSchema before inserting into (and after retrieving from) mongo.

cainus/json-status 3

connect-middleware for JSON API status responses

lexiross/call-your-reps 3

An app to making bugging your elected representatives easier

cainus/hyper-json 2

Json with links!

drshriveer/abjs-testsite 2

A test site for ab.js


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created repositoryKen123777/Ken123777

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created repositoryKelWill/typescript-katas

katas demonstrating common typescript mistakes

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created repositoryKelWill/mongo-hyperloglog

hyperloglog stored in mongo

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fork cainus/axios

Promise based HTTP client for the browser and node.js

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Pull request review commentpeterkhayes/rolling-rate-limiter

Fix readme typo

 const limiter = new RedisRateLimiter({   client: redisClient, // client instance from `redis` or `ioredis`   namespace: 'rate-limiter', // prefix for redis keys   interval: 60000, // milliseconds-  maxInInterval: 10,+  maxInInterval: 5,

Hi, apologise for the lack of detail here.

Later on, in Configuration Options, when referring to the code example it references 5 requests per minute but I believe the example provided would allow for 10.

For example, if you want a user to be able to perform 5 actions per minute, this should be 60000.
maxInInterval: number - The number of actions allowed in each interval. For example, in the scenario above, this would be 5

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fork n-mcnally/rolling-rate-limiter

Rate limiter for node.js that supports a rolling window, either in-memory or backed by redis

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fork kevmo/social-analyzer

API, CLI & Web App for analyzing & finding a person's profile across 350+ social media websites (Detections are updated regularly)

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created repositoryStephenGrider/simple-web

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created repositoryRebootJeff/cowGoesMoo

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created repositoryKelWill/node-fn-query

replace "jq .key" with "nq '({key}) => key'"

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fork curt-mitch/PySyft

A library for answering questions using data you cannot see

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created repositorystefbowerman/nuxt-starter

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issue commentpeterkhayes/pitchfinder

Half step down while using AMDF

Genius! You were exactly right. Now it measures frequencies perfectly. Don't know why I have it set to 48k, but checked my settings and there it was. Thank you!


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