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peterh/liner 822

Pure Go line editor with history, inspired by linenoise

peterh/pyobd 370

Fixes to pyobd for modern hardware interfaces

peterh/obd2csv 7

OBD recorder that saves values in CSV format

peterh/pwdhash 3

Implementation of the pwdhash algorithm in Go

peterh/comprod 1

Commodity Producers: a stock trading game

peterh/qrs 1

Quick-and-dirty Reminder System

peterh/FreeRDP 0

FreeRDP is a free remote desktop protocol client

peterh/map 0

Generate a simple playable map from ASCII art

peterh/meson 0

The Meson Build System

push eventpeterh/map

Peter Harris

commit sha 12ddbe591d55f4c4447405505616c78ff9f81dc2

Add Ignore configuration value Ignoring a set of characters allows for annotations on the map that can be used by the DM (and these annotations will not interfere with future versions that support additional map symbols).

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Peter Harris

commit sha c154e6d609b2c11ba38201911d15c2c1a363fa4b

Add go.mod file Sadly, we are forced to use modules now.

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