anz-bank/go-course 42

Go Programming Language Course

anz-bank/go-slides 5

Go Training slides and demos

manikann/gke-terraform-helm-spinnaker 5

Install spinnaker in GKE using terraform and helm

pentaphobe/Autodesk-Backburner-Uninstall-for-Os-X 5

Backburner has no working uninstaller and there is minimal information online about what to do in Mac Os X. This is a very simple file, and should almost certainly be a shell script instead. Only tested with Macbook Pro, Snow Leopard and Backburner 2011 student edition

gcp-spikers/spike-gcp-tf-spinnaker 1

Terraforming Spinnaker on GCP

pentaphobe/block-list-functions 1

A (growing) set of functional ways to manage interleaved data

pentaphobe/get-shit-done 1

Small script to configure your hosts file so you don't get distracted during the day.

gcp-spikers/gcp-petstore 0

Barebones project for pushing through GCP pipeline

HWOSS/Frontend-FunctionalReactiveProgramming 0

Exploring the paradigm of functional reactive programming as a front-end tech stack

pentaphobe/abycss 0

When you gaze into abysmal CSS, the abysmal CSS also gazes into you