pczarn/gearley 15

An Earley parser engine in Rust.

pczarn/cfg 10

Library for manipulating context-free grammars in Rust.

pczarn/bit-matrix 3

Bit matrices and vectors in Rust.

pczarn/any-arena 1

A reflection-based arena which can allocate objects of any type in Rust.

pczarn/dotfiles 1

Configuration for git, bash, vim, sublime2, xfce4. Archlive.

pczarn/jsconv 1

Online converter

pczarn/apollo-codegen 0

:pencil2: Generate API code or type annotations based on a GraphQL schema and query documents

pczarn/aster 0

A libsyntax ast builder

pczarn/bit-vec 0

A Vec of Bits


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started time in 11 days

issue openeddvorka/mindforger

Emotional states

An important part of the mind is our emotional states. Emotions are a counterpart for cognitive functions. Our mood varies through time.

One idea is to track mood across time.

Please tag: "idea" "enhancement"

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