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Prasanjit Singh pb03 @relayin Bathinda, India Front-end

pb03/css-animations-demo 70

Live Demo:

pb03/opium-js 11

MacOS utility app for running JavaScript snippets

pb03/input-file 5

A tiny (1kb minified) javascript plugin which automatically stylizes the native file input field.

pb03/react-opium-select 5

A simple react dropdown plugin with a sexier UI. Demo:

blackOpium/afeem-theme-vscode 2

A dark theme for VS Code with not too bright colors

pb03/react-form 2

A clean approach to build React forms using react-hook-form

pb03/react-opium-button 1

A light-weight button component with inline state indicator.

pb03/afeem-theme 0

Webpage for Afeem theme

pb03/covid19india-react 0

📊 Source code of the main website