Paul Baumgart paulbaumgart @RunKitDev San Francisco, CA

paulbaumgart/augment3d 18

Data augmentation utility for machine learning on 3D point clouds

paulbaumgart/CanyonPilot 4

Now available in the App Store:

paulbaumgart/retask 2

Retask is a simple task queue implementation written for human beings. It provides generic solution to create and manage task queues.

aljungberg/bottest 1

Testing some issue stuff.

paulbaumgart/cappuccino 1

Web Application Framework in JavaScript and Objective-J

paulbaumgart/mash-lauter-control 1

Homebrewing Arduino-based Automatic Mash/Lauter System

paulbaumgart/7Bot-Arduino-lib 0

This is the Arduino library for 7Bot

paulbaumgart/fastai 0

The deep learning library, lessons, and tutorials


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fork boucher/homebridge-doorbird

Homebridge plugin for DoorBird

fork in 2 months