Patsy Issa patsy-issa @SynapLearning Leipzig

mr-alien/fig 23

Flat Icon Generator

patsy-issa/ember-validations 1

Validations for Ember Objects

patsy-issa/active_model_serializers 0

ActiveModel::Serializer implementation and Rails hooks

patsy-issa/ast-workshop 0

"Abstract Syntax Forestry" workshop for EmberConf 2020

patsy-issa/breethe-client 0

Air Quality Data for Locations around the World

patsy-issa/broccoli-lint-eslint 0

An up to date fork of 'broccoli-eslint'. Adds ESLint support to broccoli.

patsy-issa/ember-cli-deploy-sentry 0

An ember-cli-deploy-plugin to upload javascript sourcemaps to Sentry

patsy-issa/ember-cli-eslint 0

ember-cli-eslint package for linting ember-cli with ESLint