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patridge/demo-custom-dotnet-template 1

Demo project from a blog post on creating custom `dotnet new` templates.

patridge/demos-xamarin.ios-tour 1

Demo Code from Xamarin.iOS with Xamarin Studio talk.

flatredball/BrakeNeck-DesktopGL 0

BrakeNeck game, Desktop GL port of the XNA-based FlatRedBall game (

flatredball/TownRaiser-DesktopGL 0

TownRaiser game, Desktop GL port of the XNA-based FlatRedBall game (

patridge/accessibility-insights-windows 0

Accessibility Insights for Windows

patridge/ACI101 0

Minute iOS app built with Xcode in Swift

patridge/Adafruit_Sensor 0

Common sensor library

patridge/AndroidPermissionsExample 0

An attempt at a thorough example of asking for permissions in Xamarin.Android.

patridge/app-ac-islandtracker 0

Animal Crossing Island Tracking Mobile App


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PR opened MicrosoftDocs/mslearn-xamarin-forms-customize-xaml-layout

Use the safe area for last iPhone models

The status bar is blocking part of the horizontal buttons on iPhone 12 for example. Using the safe area fix this issue.

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The project doesn't compile

I have the same issue that it crashes. It happens when running the line var topPadding = UIApplication.SharedApplication.Windows[0].SafeAreaInsets.Top which results in an System.IndexOutOfRangeException. I tried to hardcode a nfloat value so that it compiles but nothing shows on the screen in the simulator.


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fork twolfprogrammer/mediasoup

Cutting Edge WebRTC Video Conferencing

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PR opened MicrosoftDocs/mslearn-xamarin-consume-rest-services

Reuse HttpClient

If this is going to be a learning example, please teach developer to reuse the HttpClient. Not doing so will have a perfomance impact, because the connection to the remote server could be closed and needed to be reopend.

Some references on other tips for HttpClient

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fork StormyWarrior8/rss-to-jsonp

An evolving system for converting RSS feeds into JSON for easier JavaScript consumption.{feedUrlEncoded}

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created repositorybarlan/github-slideshow

A robot powered training repository :robot:

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