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ousugo/WakeLeanCloud 1


ousugo/at_device 0

AT component porting or samples for different devices

ousugo/Dism-Multi-language 0

Dism++ Multi-language Support & BUG Report

ousugo/dowww 0

📟 Dev on Windows with WSL | 在 Windows 上用 WSL 优雅开发

ousugo/embed_linux_tutorial 0

野火《i.MX Linux开发实战指南》书籍及代码

ousugo/hexo-theme-next 0

🎉 Elegant and powerful theme for Hexo.

ousugo/rt-thread 0

RT-Thread is an open source IoT operating system from China.

ousugo/winget-pkgs 0

The Microsoft community Windows Package Manager manifest repository


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started time in 9 days

fork peng-zhihui/make-sense

Free to use online tool for labelling photos.

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fork peng-zhihui/yolov5

YOLOv5 in PyTorch > ONNX > CoreML > TFLite

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fork peng-zhihui/wiki-documents Seeed Wiki source code

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created repositorypeng-zhihui/Raspberry

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created repositorypeng-zhihui/ST-Link-Nano


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fork peng-zhihui/mindspore

MindSpore is a new open source deep learning training/inference framework that could be used for mobile, edge and cloud scenarios.

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