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osya/ASPNetCoreAngular2Payments 3

ASP.NET Core MVC 2.0 & Angular 4 project for testing payments via Stripe & Braintree

osya/BinaryClient 3

Desktop Client for

osya/ASPNetCoreAngular2YoExample 1

JWT-token registration app based on Angular 4 & ASP.NET Core 2.0

osya/Blog2Doc 1

Blog to Word document converter

osya/cointegration 1

Applying Kejriwal and Perron test which is implemented in the R `strucchange` package to find cointegration breakpoints

osya/MVC5_2FA 1

Example of using 2FA (Email & SMS) in ASP.NET MVC 5 app based on the

osya/Android2DGraph 0

Example of drawing parametric 2D chart on Android Canvas

osya/AWSLambdaServerless 0

Serverless Framework project with two services - on JavaScript and Python - which creates two AWS Lambda functions. Also created AWS Lambda function with R called from Python via RPy2. This Lambda function can execute some R script from a file

osya/chatbot 0

Python chatbot

issue commentcode-ready/crc

Failed to add user to group. (-2147022676 <username> Hyper-V Administrators )

This looks like localization issue.

You are right! :)


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issue openedcode-ready/crc

Failed to add user to group. (-2147022676 <username> Hyper-V Administrators )

Trying to install crc-windows-amd64.msi version 1.29.1-4.7.18 on Windows 10 Pro.

Error appears "Failed to add user to group. (-2147022676 <username> Hyper-V Administrators )"

Because in Computer Management | Local User and Group | Groups there is a group "Администраторы Hyper-V". But crc trying to use hardcoded group name "Hyper-V Administrators"

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