Matthias Johnson opennomad DevOps Consultant Denver, CO Life long learner who always leaves things better than I found them. DevOps, Full-Stack, scale, optimization, automation.

opennomad/todo.txt-later 3

a simple addon providing for recurring and future todos in todo.txt

LearnWithHomer/parse-server 0

Parse-compatible API server module for Node/Express

opennomad/ansible-nginx 0

Install and manage nginx configuration

opennomad/keeweb 0

Free cross-platform password manager compatible with KeePass

opennomad/onehalf 0

Clean, vibrant and pleasing color schemes for Vim, Sublime Text, iTerm, gnome-terminal and more.

opennomad/pushme 0

a command line script to push notifications via pushbullet or notifymyandroid

opennomad/tokumx2_to_psmdb3_migration 0

Instructions and scripts to facilitate migration from TokuMX 2.0.x to PSMDB 3.0.x

opennomad/umpa 0

A tool to sync MPD playlists to an Android phone via MTP

opennomad/web-api-compare 0

comparing REST API in 5 languages

fork KoushikDasika/react-chat-elements

Reactjs chat elements chat UI, react chat components

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