olsonjeffery/boolangstudio 38

Boo language integration for Visual Studio 2008

HarmonyHacks/Dahlia 19

Retreat waiting list management system

olsonjeffery/behv_godot 11

Behavior Tree implementation for the Godot Engine as an addon in pure GDScript

altnetseattle/olympia_software_craftsmanship_workshop 6

Files and documents for the upcoming Olympia Software Craftsmanship Workshop.

olsonjeffery/mercury 4

A different perspective on ASP.NET web frameworks

olsonjeffery/coffeebot 3

A simple cs + node.js irc bot for eval'ing coffeescript

olsonjeffery/msp430-skel 3

Interested in a low-level, make(1)-based build setup for your TI msp430 project?

eaton/prebot 2

A simple bot for the Predicate crowd.