Oliver Scherer @ Cosmian oli-cosmian @cosmian

Cosmian/gll-draw 0

A small demo showing how to experiment with parsers

Cosmian/scasm 0

(Dis-)Assembler for the `SCALE` Multi-Party-Computation VM

oli-cosmian/annotate-snippets-rs 0

Library for snippet annotations

oli-cosmian/atomicbox 0

Safe atomic Box types for Rust

oli-cosmian/ 0

RustFest Barcelona 2019

oli-cosmian/cranelift 0

Cranelift code generator

oli-cosmian/elsa 0

Append-only collections for Rust where borrows to entries can outlive insertions

oli-cosmian/futures-rs 0

Zero-cost asynchronous programming in Rust

oli-cosmian/generic-array 0

Generic array types in Rust

oli-cosmian/gll 0

GLL parsing framework.