Nihal Mirpuri nylonee Singapore Fire Hydrant Enthusiast

nylonee/unity-standard-shader-mobile 72

Mobile optimised shader for Unity 3D

nylonee/telegram-pokego 7

A Pokemon Go Telegram bot

nylonee/meetup-scraper 3

A tool to use Meetup's API to pull useful information about groups

nylonee/snow 1

A 3D snowboarding slalom game done in Unity, implementing custom shaders

nylonee/earthquake-assignment 0

A C program to read and parse earthquake data given by

nylonee/facebook-group 0

A tool to help moderate Facebook groups

nylonee/hangman-challenge 0

Coding challenge in Python for beginners

nylonee/hexifence 0

An AI to play the game of hexifence using minimax and alpha-beta pruning