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Nathan Woltman nwoltman Waterloo, Canada TZ: GMT-0400 (EDT)

amilajack/eslint-plugin-flowtype-errors 404

Run Flow as an ESLint plugin

khstangherlin/monker 176

The money maker machine.

nwoltman/compile-json-stringify 8

Compile a JSON.stringify() function with type hints for maximum performance

edinkha/OSKernel 1

SE 350 group project for making an OS Kernel

medleyjs/etag 0

Medley plugin for automatic ETag generation & conditional GET responses

medleyjs/self-request 0

Medley plugin that augments an app to be able to make HTTP requests to itself for testing purposes

nwoltman/ajv 0

The fastest JSON Schema Validator. Supports draft-04/06/07

nwoltman/ 0

API Documentation for Firebolt

nwoltman/battle-viper 0

A simple Battlesnake AI written in NodeJS

issue commentnwoltman/srt-to-vtt-cl

Able to convert VTT to SRT?

Hi @hdehal! I'm glad you think the tool is awesome 😄. Unfortunately it is only designed to convert files in one direction, so it can't convert VTT files to SRT.


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issue commentfastify/help

Why do headers convert into lowercase automatically?

@StingyJack Semantics ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

While uppercase headers can be used at the application level, they will always be sent as lowercase.

However, header field names MUST be converted to lowercase prior to their encoding in HTTP/2. A request or response containing uppercase header field names MUST be treated as malformed (Section


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issue commentnwoltman/compile-json-stringify

[Feature Request]: Default option?

Being able to set defaults sounds useful enough that I'd accept a PR that adds the default property. Alternatively, you could try running the data through Ajv before using this library for serialization. That should work since the schema format that this library uses should be the same as Ajv, and I wouldn't expect Ajv to add much overhead.


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issue commentnwoltman/compile-json-stringify

[Feature Request]: Default option?

Hi @dalisoft, I'm glad you're finding the module useful. The default option simply isn't implemented. If you wanted to you could try implementing it, but adding that feature comes with some hard decisions. If the default option were implemented, either:

  1. It wouldn't work with the additionalProperties option, or
  2. compileJsonStringify would have to do a bunch of extra work merging in the default properties when the additionalProperties option is true, which doesn't really fit in with the purpose of this module. That additional work might also be slower than setting the defaults yourself before using compileJsonStringify to stringify the object.

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