nstott/nbc 2

A naive bayes classifier in go

nstott/assert 1

Asserts to Go testing

nstott/goGradeLevel 1

find flesch / Kincade grade level of arbitrary text

nstott/gomarkov 1

text generation with markov chains

nstott/gomongo 1

Go driver for MongoDB

nstott/gosessions 1

session handling middleware for the twister http server

nstott/GradeLevel 1

haskell syllable counter

nstott/argo 0

ArgoProj: Get stuff done with Kubernetes.

issue closedcompose/transporter

Joins, or a way to pulling extra data from other namespaces

After fetching a document from a source, we need a way to resolve pieces of the document when data might exist in other namespaces eg, if we have a document from a namespace of 'posts' that looks like this

    title: "this is a title",
    author: ObjectId("54179ce06570544fb3892b69"),
    content: "post content"

then we need to be able to query another namespace on the source to turn ObjectId("54179ce06570544fb3892b69") into an appropriate object.

One way to solve this would be to add a javascript vm to the source, and let the user run a js function with a javascript builtin or other mechanism that would perform a lookup against the source

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issue commentComcast/kuberhealthy

Support Istio

Out of curiosity, what's the reason for using remoteAddr there?

is it basically to guarantee that the right pod is responding? we might be able to do the same thing with a unique pre-shared key, between the kh server, and the check pod


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fork nstott/kuberhealthy

A Kubernetes operator for running synthetic checks as pods. Works great with Prometheus!

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issue commentComcast/kuberhealthy

helm installation broken

can confirm, thanks for the quick fix!


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issue openedComcast/kuberhealthy

helm installation broken

Describe the bug Helm installation instructions do not work

Steps To Reproduce following the helm installation instructions does not work

helm repo add kuberhealthy
Error: looks like "" is not a valid chart repository or cannot be reached: failed to fetch : 404 Not Found

If I try the new chart location I can add the repository

helm repo add kuberhealthy
"kuberhealthy" has been added to your repositories

but I am unable to fetch the chart

helm fetch kuberhealthy/kuberhealthy                                                            
Error: failed to fetch : 404 Not Found

Expected behavior

everything just works

Versions kube 1.14, helm 3

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