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nocnokneo/cmake-git-versioning-example 8

Demonstration of project versioning using CMake and Git tags

nocnokneo/dhsnapshot 2

RSnapshot-like backups to DreamHost Backup Service

nocnokneo/gnome-shell-extension-weather 1

An extension for displaying weather notifications in GNOME Shell.

nocnokneo/ievms 1

Automated installation of the Microsoft IE App Compat virtual machines

nocnokneo/mailnag 1

A mail notification daemon for GNOME 3

nocnokneo/mozilla-gnome-keyring 1

A firefox extension that enables Gnome Keyring integration

nocnokneo/astra 0

Orbbec Astra SDK - build amazing 3D apps with Orbbec 3D cameras

nocnokneo/caddy 0

Robot control code for the Cal Poly Robotics Club's 2005 entry into the Roborodentia competition

nocnokneo/clazy 0

Qt oriented code checker based on clang framework. Krazy's little brother.


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