nishikeshKardak nishikeshKardak India

nishikeshKardak/anomaly-detective 0

Time Series Anomaly Detection (CS341 Project)

nishikeshKardak/awesome-cheatsheet 0

:beers: awesome cheatsheet

nishikeshKardak/birthday_reminder 0

Automatically send text sms to your friend on birthday.

nishikeshKardak/cantera 0

Chemical kinetics, thermodynamics, and transport tool suite

nishikeshKardak/cantera-website 0

Official Cantera Website

nishikeshKardak/climate 0

Mirror of Apache Open Climate Workbench

nishikeshKardak/coala 0

coala provides a unified command-line interface for linting and fixing all your code, regardless of the programming languages you use.

nishikeshKardak/coala-bears 0

Bears for coala

nishikeshKardak/cypari2 0

A Python interface to the number theory library libpari

nishikeshKardak/dog-breed-classifier 0

A convolutional neural network trained to classify dog breeds.