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Nicholas Hutchinson nickhutchinson London

nickhutchinson/libdispatch 446

You almost certainly want this instead:

nickhutchinson/CFLite 10

Work-in-progress Linux port of Apple's general utility library

nickhutchinson/Cocoa-Toolkit 7

A collection of classes I've found useful for writing OS X apps

nickhutchinson/cmake-toolkit 5

A collection of CMake functions to make your next trip into CMakeLists.txt more enjoyable.

nickhutchinson/ctrlp-luamatcher 4

Experimental LuaJIT-based matcher for the CtrlP Vim plugin

nickhutchinson/dotfiles 2

Some of my dotfiles

nickhutchinson/libkqueue 1

kqueue(2) compatibility library

nickhutchinson/abseil-cpp 0

Abseil Common Libraries (C++)

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