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Will Vaughn nackjicholson Carbon Lighthouse San Francisco, CA I have moved a lot of my personal projects to I work to stop climate change at Carbon Lighthouse. Reach out!

nackjicholson/aiosql 929

Simple SQL in Python

honza/anosql 203

Easy SQL in Python

nackjicholson/haskellbook-solutions 20

My (incomplete && ugly) notes and solutions to haskellbook

nackjicholson/generator-backbone-module 8

Yeoman generator for creating distributable backbone modules

nackjicholson/ergast-python 7

Python HTTP client to the Ergast Motor Racing Data API

nackjicholson/generator-react-hapi-universal 7

Scaffold a Universal JavaScript App using React and hapi

nackjicholson/comtrade-coffee 5

Sample usage of the comtrade UN database API

nackjicholson/checkbox-group 4

React Checkbox Group Component

nackjicholson/file-parser 3

PHP composer package for parsing data contained in a file into a php array.

nackjicholson/generator-hapi-es2015 3

Scaffold a hapijs micro service

fork stevearc/neovim

Vim-fork focused on extensibility and usability

fork in 10 hours


started time in 12 hours


started time in 16 hours

created repositoryWebReflection/uce-helpers

Common helpers for uce related projects.

created time in 16 hours

release innovationOUtside/nb_extension_tagstyler


released time in a day


created repositoryinnovationOUtside/ou-jupyter-book-tools

Tools for working with Jupyter Books

created time in a day


started time in 2 days

created repositoryouseful-testing/jupyter-book-server-proxy

Tinkering with proxying Jupyter Book

created time in 2 days

created repositoryuktrade/vulnrability-priority-list

A command line report on a GitHub organisation's repositories, ordered by priority, and including time-to-SLA for each severity level

created time in 2 days

release mochajs/mocha


released time in 2 days


started time in 2 days


started time in 2 days

fork stevearc/awesome-neovim

Collections of awesome neovim plugins.

fork in 2 days


started time in 2 days


started time in 2 days


started time in 2 days


started time in 2 days

fork WebReflection/js-framework-benchmark

A comparison of the perfomance of a few popular javascript frameworks

fork in 2 days

fork codysoyland/attestation

ITE-6 Attestation Definitions

fork in 2 days

created repositoryouseful-demos/learn-to-code-jupyterlite

Jupyterlite in-browser notebooks for OpenLearn Learn to Code Unit

created time in 3 days


started time in 3 days

created repositoryungap/insert-after

A Node.prototype.insertAfter polyfill

created time in 4 days


started time in 4 days


started time in 4 days


started time in 4 days

created repositorystevearc/qf_helper.nvim

A collection of improvements for the quickfix buffer

created time in 4 days