Vineet Menon mvineetmenon Mumbai, India

mvineetmenon/data_gov 1

Test repo for various APIs from

belmiromoreira/nova 0

OpenStack Compute (Nova)

mvineetmenon/bustripper 0

Code exercise

mvineetmenon/Cardinal 0

A Python IRC bot, designed to make adding functionality quick and simple.

mvineetmenon/dotfiles 0

My dotfiles

mvineetmenon/ECIResultScraper 0

Python script to scrap ECI (Election Commision Result) results by scraping their website

mvineetmenon/ImageResizer 0

Python script for resizing an image depeding upon the aspect ratio user provides

mvineetmenon/jwplayer5 0

jwplayer5 source files

mvineetmenon/kinto 0

A generic JSON document store with sharing and synchronisation capabilities.

issue openedsavoirfairelinux/opendht

Get information like nodes and stored (key,values) from a dhtnode in daemon mode

Is there a way to get information from a dhtnode already running in daemon mode similar to ll, ls , ld commands achieve in foreground mode?

I believe, to make jami reliable and enterprise worthy, exposing these information might be helpful to sysadmins.

created time in 2 months