mustafapc19/deno 0

A secure JavaScript and TypeScript runtime

mustafapc19/deno_webview 0

Deno bindings for webview, a tiny library for creating web-based desktop GUIs

mustafapc19/electron 0

:electron: Build cross-platform desktop apps with JavaScript, HTML, and CSS

mustafapc19/galculator 0

GTK 2 / GTK 3 based scientific calculator

mustafapc19/gigagram 0

Web applications runner/manager

mustafapc19/Grub-Nvidia-Entry-nvidia-optimus-negativo- 0

Enable Nvidia driver only with the last entry in grub.

mustafapc19/hackup 0

Read Hacker News from the desktop

mustafapc19/karma 0

Information Management Framework(HTTP API Service) for Educational Institutions.


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created repositoryadarshsuresh07/VRlab-web

created time in 2 days

created repositoryjam1garner/gc-adapter

A Rust library for working with the Nintendo Gamecube Controller Adapter

created time in 3 days

created repositorySouravSatheesh/nss-website

created time in 5 days


started time in 6 days

created repositoryPranjal2041/COL106AssignmentEvaluater

Unofficial Test Cases and Evaluater for COL106 Assignments.

created time in 7 days

created repositoryadarshsuresh07/VRlab-backend

created time in 8 days

created repositoryjam1garner/some-error

A library for creating and using anonymous sum types as errors in Rust

created time in 12 days


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started time in 13 days


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fork jam1garner/vim

zetz vim plugin

fork in 14 days

fork jam1garner/mdBook

Create book from markdown files. Like Gitbook but implemented in Rust

fork in 15 days

fork jam1garner/fuse-rs

Rust library for filesystems in userspace (FUSE)

fork in 16 days


started time in 17 days

fork jam1garner/zz

🍺🐙 ZetZ a zymbolic verifier and tranzpiler to bare metal C

fork in 18 days

created repositoryjam1garner/zetzstd

WIP zstd decompressor written in ZetZ

created time in 18 days

fork adarsh-av13/register

Grab your own sweet-looking '' subdomain

fork in 18 days

fork jam1garner/SmashArcNet

A safe C# wrapper for the smash-arc Rust library

fork in 19 days

created repositoryjam1garner/arc-network

A Skyline plugin for providing access to Smash Ultimate's data.arc file over the networkk

created time in 19 days

created repositorynizunc/pothole

created time in 20 days

created repositoryjam1garner/network-reader

A client/server protocol for using `io::Read` and `io::Seek` over a network

created time in 21 days

fork SouravSatheesh/nss-website

A website for NSS unit of college of Engineering, Trivandrum

fork in 21 days


created repositoryjam1garner/bgm-property-generator

created time in 23 days


started time in 24 days

fork fitzgen/rfcs-2

RFC process for Bytecode Alliance projects

fork in 24 days