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murrahjm/PSSummit2019 44

Ansible for the Windows Admin PowerShell Summit Presentation

murrahjm/Infoblox-Classy 18

Infoblox cmdlets for Posh 5.0 using classes

murrahjm/PSSummit2018 5

Code and slide deck from Powershell Summit 2018

murrahjm/misc-scripts 3

Miscellaneous scripts that have proven useful at some point. Might have a limited use case but should all work more or less

murrahjm/PSFreeBurritos 2

Powershell script to automate submission of customer survey to

murrahjm/ansible_inventory_plugins 1

repositories for various inventory plugins for ansible

murrahjm/AzureRM-DSC-ADTest 1

Training sample for configuring an AD lab with Azure resource manager templates and Azure Automation DSC configurations to deploy entire environment with a visual studio team services build script

murrahjm/summit-materials 1

Storage for materials (speaker & attendee) from past Summit events


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