Michiel Sioen msioen Flow Pilots CTO @ Flow Pilots - squash enthusiast

msioen/MenuBarCodeReader 9

A small mac utility to quickly and seamlessly scan QR codes (or other bar codes) which are visible on your screen

msioen/MultiLineCollapsingToolbar.Binding 2

Xamarin binding for

msioen/WiXBootstrapperLayoutExample 2

WiX Toolset Bootstrapper example with customized layout

msioen/GestureViews.Binding 1

Xamarin Android binding for GestureViews library

msioen/JFHotkeyManager.Binding 1

Binding for JFHotkeyManager

msioen/State.Fody 1

Update busy state during method execution

msioen/ARCore-Location 0

Allows items to be placed within the AR world with real-world GPS coordinates using ARCore.

msioen/cake 0

Cake (C# Make) is a cross platform build automation system.

msioen/camera-samples 0

Multiple samples showing the best practices in camera APIs on Android.