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Azure/actions 248

Automate your GitHub workflows using Azure Actions

Azure/actions-workflow-samples 132

Help developers to easily get started with GitHub Action workflows to deploy to Azure

Azure/aks-periscope 109

aks-periscope aims to detect various kubernetes cluster problems

Azure/AzOps 95

This container image can be used to deploy ARM templates at Tenant, Management Group, Subscription and Resource Group scope and export current Azure configuration hierarchy in Git repository.

Azure/azure-iot-explorer 83

Cross-platform UI for interacting with devices attached to Azure IoT Hub

Azure/AIPlatform 32

Azure Machine Learning code samples

Azure/azure-functions-servicebus-extension 32

Service Bus extension for Azure Functions

Azure/appservice-actions 31

Enable GitHub developers to deploy to Azure WebApps using GitHub Actions

Azure/azure-functions-rabbitmq-extension 29

RabbitMQ extension for Azure Functions

Azure/AppConfiguration-Announcements 26

News about Azure App Configuration