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Quentin Carbonneaux mpu @facebook interested in meaning & behavior

mpu/gthreads 156

Toy Green Threads for C.

mpu/gthreads-art 48

A green threads tutorial.

mpu/fnt 27

Bitmap font edition tools.

mpu/lambda 26

A small λ-calculus interpreter in C

mpu/dedukti 3

A type-checker for the λΠ-modulo calculus.

mpu/dkparse 3

A fast λΠ-modulo type checker.

mpu/mlannot 2

See OCaml type annotations in VIM as fast as C.


started time in 3 days

push eventmpu/chunking

Quentin Carbonneaux

commit sha aa38663ec24bcebe064f2d4caf2fca5af0e72ebc

fix fucked g0.c

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Quentin Carbonneaux

commit sha 192049b7b2d819da2ce990a1e29cdc61d94725a9

snip words

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Quentin Carbonneaux

commit sha 12198c39377e8df097022c4b1b75a854a8ac8210

we want to print block boundaries

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push time in 22 days

push eventmpu/lollimon

Quentin Carbonneaux

commit sha bc0444244c46199cac7a5ae06bf009e80b081055

compiles with ocaml 4.12 & camlp5 8.0

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push time in 3 months

fork mpu/lollimon

Lollimon, a monadic concurrent linear logic programming language

fork in 3 months