mox-mox/bldc-driver 1

My first attempt at creating a driver for bldc motors

mox-mox/modsniffer 1

Small program to show and hide polybar when some key is pressed.

mox-mox/parse_date 1

Parse a string of form [[[<yyyy>-]<mm>-]<dd>]/[<hh>[:<mm>[:<ss>]]] to std::time_t.

mox-mox/passvault 1

Passvault is a tool to manage your passwords in a gpg-encrypted text file. To privide security, passwords will only be written encrypted, all unencrypted processing is done within pipes.

chrko/db12013 0

Datenbanken 1 - Arbeiten zu Verlesung von Michael Gertz

mox-mox/Code_Studies 0

This is an assorted collection of experiments and code fragments I came up with over time. Probably nothing groundbreaking but nice to have.

mox-mox/console_stream 0

Output stream wrapper that adds formatting and can be muted.

mox-mox/console_stream_fixed_level 0

Output stream wrapper that adds formatting and can be muted.

mox-mox/dighd 0

Stuff for a lecture at Heidelberg University I'm attending

issue commentAlexays/Waybar

Only show waybar when modifier key is pressed

Hey, is there any progress so far?


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Thanks. It is merged.


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Subhaditya Nath

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Update The < and > need to be escaped in Currently they are not escaped

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The < and > need to be escaped in Currently they are not escaped

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issue openedFreeRDP/FreeRDP

Allow multiple freerdp windows with only one local monitor

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe. I tired to get multi-monitor support to work under sway. It worked once but then I could not write anything, i.e. the keyboard would not work. And then I thought that it might be nice to detach the remote screens from the screens actually present on my laptop.

Describe the solution you'd like I would like to have a way to open multiple freerdp windows. On my local computer, these should be normal windows that I can move around, etc. For the remote windows-computer these should be multiple monitors of one session.

Example Currently, I'm using this:

xfreerdp +fonts -grab-keyboard /monitors:1,0 /multimon:force /dynamic-resolution /u:$USERNAME /v:$IP:$PORT /p:"$PASSWORD"

which -- if the second monitor is connected -- sometimes gives me two windows. I would like to change this to e.g.

xfreerdp +fonts -grab-keyboard /fake-monitors:3 /dynamic-resolution /u:$USERNAME /v:$IP:$PORT /p:"$PASSWORD"

which would open 3 windows corresponding to 3 (virtual) monitors on the windows machine.

Describe alternatives you've considered I tried to use the multi-monitor support. But this works only sometimes and obviously not when I do not have the second monitor attached. And I would like to put different monitors on different workspaces.

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