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Morgan McCrory morganmccrory New York, NY software engineer @etsy // formerly @refinery29

alexandergknoll/newspeak-rails 1

Get current, online-sourced news right from your phone, even without an internet connection

morganmccrory/dsa-flashcards 1

Python terminal program containing flashcards for data structures & algorithms.

morganmccrory/advanced-active-record-drill 0

Create associations using an in-memory SQLite database

morganmccrory/ajaxifying-hacker-news-challenge 0

making AJAX requests using jQuery

morganmccrory/album-index 0

Rails application with search interface to find songs by title, artist, and album.

morganmccrory/BuzzFree 0

Generated impromptu sober social gatherings to facilitate fun for non-drinkers and the recovery of ex-alcoholics

morganmccrory/code-she-wrote 0

A technical blog site

morganmccrory/dummy-users 0

Use sessions and HTTP cookies to implement state and work around HTTP statelessness