morganfainberg/HAProxyKeystoneMiddlware 15

Lua Based Addition for HAProxy (1.6+) that can replace Keystone Middleware and do the heavy lifting.

morganfainberg/positional 1

[Unmaintained] A decorator which enforces only some args may be passed positionally.

morganfainberg/ansible-modules-core 0

Ansible modules - these modules ship with ansible

morganfainberg/AuthCoin 0

Blockchain-based authentication specific coin

morganfainberg/certcoin 0

A Decentralized PKI for Highly-Available Hierarchical Identities

morganfainberg/gitignore 0

Personal .gitignore.d

morganfainberg/rackspace-dns-cli 0

Command line tool for Rackspace Cloud DNS - not endorsed by Rackspace