semaphoreP/P2Potato 1

A distributed storage system using Isis2

mnazbro/encrypted-config-value 0

Tooling for encrypting certain configuration parameter values in dropwizard apps

mnazbro/gradle-baseline 0

A set of Gradle plugins that configure default code quality tools for developers.

mnazbro/ipython 0

Official repository for IPython itself. Other repos in the IPython organization contain things like the website, documentation builds, etc.

mnazbro/logback 0

The reliable, generic, fast and flexible logging framework for Java.

mnazbro/logstash-output-kinesis 0

A Kinesis output plugin for Logstash that uses KPL.

mnazbro/ 0

Dropwizard modules directory

PR opened palantir/gradle-baseline

Fix typo in TooManyArguments check merge when ready

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<!-- What's wrong with the current state of the world and why change it now? --> The error message for TooManyArguments had a typo in it.

After this PR

<!-- User-facing outcomes this PR delivers go below --> ==COMMIT_MSG== Fix typo in TooManyArguments check ==COMMIT_MSG==

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