lambdacube3d/lambdacube-quake3 61

Quake 3 map viewer in Haskell using LambdaCube 3D

csabahruska/demoscene 16

Demoscene: Lambda Team

divipp/lgtk 16

Lens-based Gtk interface

csabahruska/lambdacube-stunts 6

Remake of Stunts 4D Sports Driving in Haskell

mkovacs/nav 6

visual navigator for your terminal

mkovacs/conics 2

A study of conic sections and quadratic rational Bézier curves

mkovacs/rust-exercises 2

Small automatically checked Rust exercises

mkovacs/ipoly 1

Manipulate polynomials over an inner product space.

mkovacs/openvr-texture-problem 1

Demonstrates a problem with texturing that appears using `openvr` and `glium`

mkovacs/quaternion 1

Quaternion module for Elm to be used with the linear-algebra package