submariner-io/shipyard 7

E2E testing framework and general scripts to create multiple K8s clusters with kind (K8s in Docker) for local E2E testing and development.

dfarrell07/submariner 0

Connect all your Kubernetes clusters, no matter where they are in the world.

mkolesnik/actions-and-branch-playground 0

Testing actions and branch management for stacked PRs

mkolesnik/admiral 0

Admiral is the submariner API for integration with federation systems

mkolesnik/go-auto-yt 0

Development repository for GoAutoYT

mkolesnik/lighthouse 0

Controller to facilitate DNS discovery between clusters (proof of concept state)

mkolesnik/networking-odl 0

Neutron drivers for OpenDaylight.

mkolesnik/neutron 0

OpenStack Networking (Neutron)

mkolesnik/ovirt-engine 0

This is a mirror for, for issues use

mkolesnik/oytube 0

OYTube - If YouTube was Jewish ;)