Mary-Katherine McKenzie mkmckenzie @stitchfix San Francisco, CA currently: Software Engineer @stitchfix // formerly: @weddingwire, @womenwhocodedc, DC Community Organizer @code-newbies

rubyforgood/freeforest 6

An upcoming project for Ruby for Good

mkmckenzie/holiday-trees 5

A intro to CSS shapes for CodeNewbie DC.

mkmckenzie/nasa-wwcdc-demo 2

The demo app built for Women Who Code DC's presentation on using APIs with Rails

barrettclark/nasa-apod 1

NASA Photo of the Day App

mkmckenzie/omg_shoes 1

Price tracker app

mkmckenzie/ruby-challenges 1

Ruby challenges from Skillcrush - "the beginning'

mkmckenzie/blog 0

Blog Clone from skillshare tutorial

mkmckenzie/conference-program-to-html 0

Import CSV of conference program and get an HTML table output

mkmckenzie/doubledutch-to-html-page 0

Turning agenda items and speakers entered into the doubledutch app interface into a conference program for your website.