eliataylor/santa-reactnative 1

React Native for Santa App

Agangwani/YoDebt 0

Our group project built to help students solve "yo debt with tech"

lambdaschoolcoursework/advanced-css-sprint-challenge 0

Updated a website with missing content and made it responsive

lambdaschoolcoursework/advanced-form-management 0

Creating a form using Formik to allow new users to sign up

lambdaschoolcoursework/advanced-react-sprint-challenge 0

Building an app that displays data from Google Trends on how often players in the 2019 Women’s World Cup were searched on Google using custom hooks and testing with React Testing Library

lambdaschoolcoursework/advanced-state-management-sprint-challenge 0

A simple CRUD application utilizing Redux

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MissingDriverError: Wrong driver: "undefined" given.

As a data point, I got this error because I was running my start command before running my typescript watch command.


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