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equinor/AppCenter-SDK-UE4 1

Development repository for the App Center SDK for Unreal Engine 4 platforms

minorai/install-unity 1

Script to install Unity 3D versions from the command line on macOS

equinor/OpenCTM 0

OpenCTM is a file format, a software library and a tool set for compression of 3D triangle meshes. The geometry is compressed to a fraction of comparable file formats (3DS, STL, COLLADA...), and the format is accessible through a simple, portable API

minorai/3DStreamingToolkit 0

A toolkit for building powerful stereoscopic 3D experiences that run on the cloud and stream to devices.

minorai/appcenter-sdk-android-breakpad 0

Fork of to be usable in test app without the fetch tools.

minorai/cloud-deploy 0

Repo containing all necessary parts to deploy a large-scale cloud infrastructure for 3DStreamingToolkit

minorai/CoordinateSharp 0

A library designed to ease geographic coordinate format conversions, and determine sun/moon information in C#

minorai/CosmosDB 0

PowerShell Module for working with Azure Cosmos DB databases, collections, documents, attachments, offers, users, permissions, triggers, stored procedures and user defined functions.

minorai/docs-3dstk 0

The 3D Streaming Toolkit documentation website

minorai/graphy 0

Graphy is the ultimate, easy to use, feature packed FPS counter, stats monitor and debugger for your Unity project.

PR opened equinor/AppCenter-SDK-UE4

AppCenter SDK 4.3.1

Updated AppCenter SDK to 4.3.1 Updated breakpad to 94c42088212898f28ee94ac8ddd850ebe8b19d5a

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create barnchequinor/AppCenter-SDK-UE4

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fork minorai/appcenter-sdk-android-breakpad

Fork of to be usable in test app without the fetch tools.

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