Mikołaj Romanowski mikolaj6r PKO BP Poznań, PL Frontend Developer & M.Sc IT student

mikolaj6r/ecommerce-deno 1

E-commerce webapp made with Deno runtime. Made in SSR manner + small API endpoint for client-side JS. Includes online payments. Styling based on Tailwind

mikolaj6r/blurhash 0

A very compact representation of a placeholder for an image.

mikolaj6r/canvas-webgl 0

A canvas2d api implementation using webgl and javascript

mikolaj6r/Canvas2DtoWebGL 0

Ports (almost) all Canvas2D functions to the GPU so it can be mixed with a WebGL canvas.

mikolaj6r/console-feed 0

Captures console.log's into a React Component 🔥

mikolaj6r/des 0

yet another des encyption example

mikolaj6r/ 0

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