Mike Gehard mikegehard Pivotal Boulder, CO

geapi/atomJ 48

intelliJ keybindings for Atom

mikegehard/Better-Ruby-Through-Design-Principles 10

A talk given originally at Mountain West Ruby Conference.

mikegehard/advanced-scala-with-cats-exercises 8

Home of my work for the Advanced Scala with Cats book.

john/battle-pets 1

For Wunder

mikegehard/AdventOfCode2017Kotlin 1

My solutions in Kotlin for the Advent of Code challenges:

mikegehard/auction_sniper 1

Auction sniper from Growing Object Oriented Software Guided by Tests implemented in the browser

mikegehard/2014-talks 0

This is the official repository for slides and talks from GopherCon 2014


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fork jllguerra/elm-minesweeper

A minesweeper game built in Elm.

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fork fulltrucker/Spry

Spry is a JavaScript-based framework that enables the rapid development of Ajax-powered web pages.

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fork greg2013/journeyFromMonolithToMicroservices

This repo contains the code example presented at the Stockholm Mucon. Slides can be found here:

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fork greg2013/journeyFromMonolithToMicroservicesSlides

The slides for my Mucon Stockholm talk about evolving from monolith to microservices. Code can be found here:

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