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ICT4H/atomfeed 15

An ATOM implementation in Java to broadcast and consume events.

ICT4H/simplefeed 2

A simple Atom-based protocol for broadcasting a feed of events.

ICT4H/atomfeed-standalone 1

A server that creates and publishes events using the ATOM protocol.

ICT4H/Cordova-SQLitePlugin 1

Cordova-SQLitePlugin used by dcs-mobile

ICT4H/dcs-mobile 1

DCS mobile app

ICT4H/dcs-web 1

Forked from datawinners

ICT4H/dcs-api 0

(Can be deleted since code merged to dcs-web)Python app to expose api's to be used by dcs-app

ICT4H/dcs-enketo-core 0

Forked for dcs-mobile app

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