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Michael Konečný michaelkonecny Czech Republic Scientific computing developer with a focus on the finite element method.

michaelkonecny/vs-fortran-ls-client 7

Fortran IntelliSense for Visual Studio 2017

michaelkonecny/applekeyboard 1

Apple Aluminium Wired Keyboard driver

michaelkonecny/fortran-language-server 0

Fortran Language Server for the Language Server Protocol

michaelkonecny/FOSUserBundle 0

Provides user management for your Symfony2 Project. Compatible with Doctrine ORM & ODM, and Propel.

michaelkonecny/FRUIT 0

Fortran unit test framework FRUIT. Mirror of sourceforge project, v3.4.3

michaelkonecny/juliatutorial 0

A tutorial for the Julia language inspired to the Python tutorial

michaelkonecny/language-fortran 0

Syntax highlighting for FORTRAN for atom

michaelkonecny/link-rel-parser-php 0

Parse HTTP `Link` headers into a structured format

michaelkonecny/Matlab-Editor-Plugin 0

Extends features for the matlab editor

issue commenthansec/fortran-language-server

Appetite for common Fortran parsing library?

Are you guys aware of LFortran? It says it can now parse any Fortran 2018 syntax to an Abstract Syntax Tree and format it back. Maybe it could be useful somehow.

I didn't have a chance to test it yet, but I'm a big fan of the author's (Ondřej Čertík's) efforts (also


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