bbbush/org.fedora-zh.planet 6

Planet ini file and resource files dedicated for Fedora Chinese User Group

FOSSRIT/mismatches 5

Research project on how FOSS project sustainability is affected by mismatched upstream/downstream conceptualizations

jadudm/sigcse-2011-foss-panel 4

Our panel submission for SIGSCE 2011

mchua/A-Walk-in-the-Commons 4

Open Source in the Liberal Arts

jenlmgerndt/Anxiety_Pronunciation 2

Code for analyzing correlations between anxiety and pronunciation among learners of German

barnesdannya/Grooveshark-Controller-Box 1

A box to control music streaming from Grooveshark, including an ultrasonic sensor to adjust volume when close to speakers.

mchua/brunertime 1

Playing with visualizations for narrative analysis

mchua/contagiouslyenthusiastic-web 1

The web design for, because version control is usually a good idea.

mchua/craftofelectronics-web 1

Webpage for the website

mchua/dissertation 1

My PhD dissertation - poststructural faculty narratives on design curriculum revision