Yingbo (Max) Wang maxwyb University of California, Los Angeles Los Angeles, CA

maxwyb/Data-Processing-PC 7

An Android app for data processing - server side

maxwyb/Data-Processing-Android 3

An Android app for data processing - client side

maxwyb/CS35L_Assign8_Multithreading 2

Improving "srt" - a ray tracing program in C - to support multithreading.

jackchuka/BKLOKI 1

Bluetooth discovery app

maxwyb/autoconf-Demo 1

A Hello World project under the Make Build System for demonstration

maxwyb/BLECenter 1

iOS CoreBluetooth programming practice in Swift 3

maxwyb/Data-Processing-testing 1

Some testing modules for an data processing Android app with Apache Spark and Kafka

maxwyb/LOKI 1

An iOS app for proximity detection between devices via Bluetooth.

allan-chen/bruin-events 0

Android app that presents and promotes events of interest around the UCLA campus

AustinVaday/CS118-Project2-Dev 0

The purpose of this project is to use UDP Socket and C/C++ programming language to implement a reliable data transfer protocol similar to that in TCP.

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