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Max Rittmüller maxrimue @NewStore Niedersachsen, Germany

maxrimue/node-autostart 18

manage autostart items in CLI and with an API

maxrimue/combijson 4

merge objects easily

maxrimue/parent-package-json 4

Find the parent package.json

maxrimue/sbm 3

Simple Binary Manager - A little bash script that can install, remove and update binaries in any path

kana-master/kana-master 1

App about learning the Japanese Hiragana and Katakana 🇯🇵

maxrimue/generator-nmp 1

Scaffold out a node module with prettier

maxrimue/mok 1

A simple online HTTP request mocking solution

maxrimue/tizo 1

easily parse and convert any string containing hours, minutes and timezone

maxrimue/tizo-cli 1

convert any timezone in the terminal


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