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JieYingWu/COVID-19_US_County-level_Summaries 136

Attempt to find correlation between a region's demographic/economic factors with its ability to manage disease spread

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Code for "DeepDRR: A Catalyst for Machine Learning in Fluoroscopy-guided Procedures".

gaocong13/Projective-Spatial-Transformers 42

Generalizing Spatial Transformers to Projective Geometry with Applications to 2D/3D Registration

akmaier/CONRAD 40

CONRAD Repository

mathiasunberath/AnatomicalLandmarks 10

Implementation of our MICCAI and invited IJCARS paper on detecting anatomical landmarks of the pelvis in X-ray images from arbitrary views.

CDDEP-DC/MarylandCOVIDAgentBasedSimulation 1

Maryland Model of COVID Transmission

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My personal homepage. Created with Hugo Academic.

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Easily create a beautiful website using Academic and Hugo

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"Fixed" C-arm

These coordinate systems are related by one 6 DoF rigid body transformation, so this should be fairly straight forward. Depending on the conventions used in your 2D/3D registration framework, things may become more complicated because you may need to deal with flips resulting from use of OpenGL conventions, etc. We have, however, done this for our own frameworks and know that you can relatively easily do this for our own 2D/3D registration framework xReg, that you can find here:


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efficiency of the projection algorithm / G-arm

Good to know - caveat being that it will affect render time once the number of pixels in the projections outnumber the threads.

Did you further investigate the memory transfer time issue? Is it initialization related in the first call?


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