martinspaeth/Android-Material-Design-for-pre-Lollipop 0

Various UI implementations, animations & effects based on Material Design compatible with pre Lollipop devices as well. (Work in progess)

martinspaeth/android-materialshadowninepatch 0

Provides 9-patch based drop shadow for view elements. Works on API level 9 or later.

martinspaeth/Android-ObservableScrollView 0

Android library to observe scroll events on scrollable views.

martinspaeth/Android-PdfMyXml 0

convert android xml layouts into PDF document, works on all versions of Android.

martinspaeth/android-spinnerwheel 0

Wheel-like spinner widget for Android

martinspaeth/AndroidPopWinPermission 0


martinspaeth/chairs 0

Swap around your iOS Simulator Documents

martinspaeth/DDMathParser 0

String → Number

fork johspaeth/budgetcategorizer

I created this project for automating some tasks I was doing manually when taking care of my personal finances.

fork in a month

fork johspaeth/sam-controltower-setup

AWS SAM project to do post-Control Tower landing zone setup

fork in a month

fork johspaeth/Porter

State machine for file processing tasks

fork in a month

fork johspaeth/roundtrip-app

A round trip server for the web socket protocol

fork in a month

fork johspaeth/beyond-the-wall

Cisco Spark SDK Demos for Vertical Markets

fork in 2 months


started time in 2 months


started time in 2 months

fork johspaeth/Serverless-Goat

OWASP ServerlessGoat: a serverless application demonstrating common serverless security flaws

fork in 3 months