Marshall Smith marshallds Radial Development Group Loveland, CO

Natasha08/redux-middleware-workers 11

A redux-middleware solution for multiple web workers

josiahseaman/skittle 4

DNASkittle is a web based genome browser that provides an interactive visualization of the raw sequence. Every nucleotide of 10Kbp can fit on one screen at a time. It makes heavy use of signal processing techniques to extract tandem repeats, and other genome elements.

josiahseaman/LightbringerExalted 2

Character creator for the collaborative storytelling game Exalted.

fleaplus/timeclock 1

A simple Django timeclock

marshallds/BetterTC 0

Better Time Clock

marshallds/bootstrap 0

Sleek, intuitive, and powerful front-end framework for faster and easier web development.

marshallds/Chrononotes 0

An experiment to make a notebook application in meteor