Marco Antonio Arruda marcoarruda São Carlos - SP, Brazil

marcoarruda/roslibjs 1

The Standard ROS JavaScript Library

marcoarruda/asctec_atomboard_serial 0

A package to communicate with STM32L1xx through serial port using ROS

marcoarruda/asctec_mav_framework 0

Framework for data aquisition and position control to be used with the highlevel processor of Ascending Technologies helicopters

marcoarruda/cakephp-bitbucket-pipelines-examples 0

CkaePHP 3 Bitbucket Pipelines examples

marcoarruda/cakephp-mauth 0

MVC for a simple account manager

marcoarruda/DefinitelyTyped 0

The repository for high quality TypeScript type definitions.


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issue commentCakeDC/oauth2-cognito

Could not have "Sign In with Cognito" link in the login page

Hi @marcoarruda , I am looking for the same. If you get anything to integrate Cognito with cakephp then please let me know. Any help will be appreciated! Thanks

Hi! So far nothing from here, thanks for the support on that issue


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