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Dusan Malusev malusev998 @nano-interactive Serbia Highly competent IT professional with a proven track record in frontend and backend development.

BrosSquad/hosts 5

Command line hosts file modifier

BrosSquad/LaravelCrypto 5

Laravel wrapper for common hashing algorithms used in web applications

malusev998/jwt-go 3

Golang implementation of JSON Web Tokens (JWT)

malusev998/libsodium-hash-provider 2

Libsodium Password hashing provider for Laravel

BrosSquad/Base64 1

libsodium base64 encode/decode ported to C#


fork jyn514/wit_node

This is the ROS nodelet package for wit motion company imu and gps sensor. Providing driver, ros driver and nodelet intergrating program.

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pull request commentgofiber/fiber

🔥 Add optional FileSystem config to middleware/favicon

I have mimicked the http.FileSystem.Open function in a wrapper mockFS type to simulate an alternate http.FileSystem for the purposes of the test since os.DirFS is not available <1.16. If there is a more suitable way to mock http.FileSystem, please let me know and I'll update the test accordingly.


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pull request commentgofiber/fiber

🔥 Add optional FileSystem config to middleware/favicon

Looks like my test uses go 1.16 functions. I'll fix with a more suitable 1.14+ capable calls.


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PR opened gofiber/fiber

🔥 Add optional FileSystem config to middleware/favicon

This change exists to support go 1.16 embedded filesystems and other network filesystems that can't simply be read as a file from a system path.

Since go 1.16 just dropped with embedded filesystem support, I thought fiber would benefit from fully supporting alternate filesystems. The filesystem middleware already supports any filesystem but I noticed the favicon middleware was still built to simply read from a system path.

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fork fatih/twirp-serverhook-prometheus

Twirp server hooks to send metrics to Prometheus

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created repositorybradtraversy/vue-crash-2021

Task Tracker project from youtube crash course

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created repositoryspatie/laravel-prefixed-ids

Friendly prefixed IDs for your Laravel models

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issue commentgofiber/fiber

🐛 The middleware has session operation, and there is no setting for the first visit

@chinaapus could you give feedback


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issue closedgofiber/fiber

🤗 Session Regenerates Deleted Key

Fiber 2.5.0

Session key gets regenerated after being deleted.

Code snippet

package main

import ""

func main() {
  app := fiber.New()

  // Steps to reproduce



The notify key is still available after the page reload.

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issue commentgofiber/fiber

🤗 Session Regenerates Deleted Key

Thanks, you fixed it, really appreciate this.


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issue commentgofiber/fiber

🐛 Session corrupted after save to sqlite3

I have also removed casbin MW, but it still the same error [session] Register this type first with the `RegisterType` method. I use Redis Session, here is my Redis Middleware code:

import (

var SessionStore *session.Store

func init() {
	// Initialize custom config
	store := redis.New(redis.Config{
		Host:     "",
		Port:     6379,
		Username: "",
		Password: "",
		Database: 0,
		Reset:    false,

	SessionStore = session.New(session.Config{
		Storage: store,

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fork katzien/dotfiles-1

:wrench: .files, including ~/.macos — sensible hacker defaults for macOS

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