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mahemoff/chrome-boilerplate 529

A boilerplate for Chrome app, extension, and theme development.

mahemoff/approximate 11

Small library to format numbers approximately ("7.5K", "280M", etc.)

mahemoff/controlfreak 11

Extension to allow easy web page tweaks, similar to GreaseMonkey in spirit

mahemoff/countdown 6

Chrome countdown extension (hosted and packaged)

FND/tiddlyspace.old 5

TiddlyWeb-based multi-user TiddlyWiki hosting

kig/message 5

Simplest way to make presentations

mahemoff/dotfiles 3

Dotfiles such as bash_profile and vimrc

mahemoff/egobot 3

Social stats on slack

mahemoff/altchrome 1

Adds CoffeeScript support to Chrome (and maybe other languages later)

mahemoff/basket.js 1

A proof-of-concept script loader for caching/loading scripts with localStorage


started time in 2 months